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Peace House provides a single point of contact for anyone seeking help with a domestic violence situation. Anyone can call the Help & Information Line 800-647-9161 any time of the day or night, every day of the year. A trained victim advocate will provide immediate assistance for callers in emergency situations and answer their questions confidentially.

All services are provided free of charge to those seeking help from Peace House.

Community Awareness Program

Our Community Awareness program provides useful information and training for community groups and organizations. For example, we train health care providers to recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence and to talk with their patients about what may be happening to them at home.

We speak to church and civic groups, employers, public safety agencies and many others. We not only raise awareness and understanding of the issue, but also let community members know what they can do if they suspect an incidence of domestic violence within their own sphere of influence.

For more information on how to help with this program or to have someone present to your group, please contact the Community Awareness Program Coordinator.

Prevention Education Program

Prevention Education Program

Our Prevention Education Program delivers age-appropriate training in the classroom, grades K thru 12, to every school in Summit and Wasatch Counties. Our curriculum includes Child Abuse Prevention, Internet Safety, Dating Violence and Domestic Violence Awareness, and is based on materials developed by Prevent Child Abuse Utah and approved by the State Office of Education.

For more information on how to help with this program or bring it into your school, please contact our Prevention Education Coordinator.


Without effective resources to deal with it, domestic violence can rip the social fabric of the community in addition to causing irreparable harm to its victims.  The services Peace House provides are designed to address the causes and effects of domestic violence in the communities we serve.