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Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Peace House provides a safe haven for women and their children when they have no other viable option to escape domestic violence. The shelter provides temporary safe housing for families while they acquire the skills and resources necessary to start their lives anew, free from violence and fear.

We try to make it as easy as possible for women to leave an unsafe home environment. Our goal is to help these families continue their lives with the least amount of disruption possible while they stabilize their lives within the safety of the shelter.

While at the shelter, the families are provided all of their immediate needs. The children go to school and we assist with arranging temporary shelter for family pets through Summit County Friends of Animals, when necessary. Additionally, shelter residents receive the full range of support services provided to any client of Peace House, whether or not they are residents of the shelter.

A typical stay for a family at the shelter is about 23 days; some stay longer, some leave earlier. About 92% of those women leaving the shelter are able to achieve emotional and economic independence from their perpetrator and begin their lives anew.

The shelter was built in 1995 at an undisclosed location in a Park City residential neighborhood to help ensure the safety and confidentiality of the families it houses. It is a state-licensed facility with licensed social workers and trained shelter advocates on site 24/7. It can accommodate up to 15 people (a combination of women and their children) in 5 private rooms, each with a different sleeping configuration.

Last year 44 women and 66 children found safety at the Peace House shelter where they were protected from domestic violence for 2,800 days of shelter, a substantial increase over the year previous.